The aim of the project

The project has a goal to educate the users through Internet about climatic characteristics and prevailing weather conditions over the Adriatic Sea.

Short description

Scientific explorations of the Adriatic Sea, as an unlimited resource potential of the Republic of Croatia, are insufficient and non-methodical, and only a small fraction of such explorations are available through the Internet. One should bear in mind that the analysis and forecast of weather conditions over the Adriatic Sea are of major importance for the human activities in these regions. Apart from the fact that weather forecasts may be easily find on the Internet, scientific studies of the particular sinoptic situations crucial for the activities on the sea (e.g. bora and sirocco winds) are not sufficiently contained on the Internet, reducing the knowledge to the small professional community.

This project will result in widening of the knowledge to the broadband Internet community of the various specific and dangerous events which are occurring over the Adriatic Sea, such as spatial and temporal characteristics of the extreme winds (bora, sirroco) or summer land- and sea-breeze circulation. In addition, the climatology of the meteorological parameters (temperature, precipitation, winds, air pressure, humidity,...) will be given on the site, including the interaction between the atmosphere and the sea and processes on the discontinuity.


Project team

Zvjezdana Bencetić-Klaić (leader)
Ivica Vilibić
Ljerka Vilibić
Mirko Orlić
Danijel Belušić
Maja Telišman-Prtenjak
Branko Grisogono